Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow during the Steel Refining Process in an Electric Arc Furnace




Abstract: The steel refining stage in the electric arc furnace (EAF) is a process using the supersonic coherent jet to stir the molten bath and remove impurities, thus achieving thermal homogenization and the desired metallurgical parameters. Attempts to concurrently capture all of the complex physical phenomena through traditional simulation are difficult, time-consuming, and prone to divergence issues. In this study, a new approach was proposed based on the momentum transfer between the jet and the molten bath. This approach couples a supersonic coherent jet model and an in-bath multiphase flow model using a theoretical interface to represent the in-bath jet cavity. The commercial software ANSYS Fluent® was employed to solve the comprehensive flow field and make a further investigation of the flow characteristics.

Authors: Yuchao Chen, Armin K. Silaen, and Chenn Q. Zhou

Keywords: Electric arc furnace; CFD; multiphase flow; model development

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