Low-Density Steels Scientific and Technological Macro-Indicators




Abstract: Low-density steels are studied aiming to increase the specific strength and consequently decrease automobile weight. Scientific and technological indicators can be elaborated based on information contained in articles and patent documents and assists to detect trends in emerging topics. This study evaluated recent developments in low-density steel alloys through bibliometric techniques. The results show Japan, South Korea, China, Germany and USA as the main players. Ductility and corrosion resistance figures as important technological challenges apart from strengthening. Beyond aluminum, manganese and carbon – mainly used for density reduction – silicon and chromium stand out as the main alloying elements studied for stacking fault energy control. The indicators suggest that new technologies and its insights shall be expected and monitored in near future, mainly for supporting material selection and R&D decision makings.

Authors: Malena Aissa Andrade, Bráulio Salumão de Oliveira, Douglas Henrique Milanez, Daniel Rodrigo Leiva, Guilherme Zepon

Keywords: Low-density steels, Scientific indicators, Technological indicators, Materials selection

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