Numerical Simulation of Physical Field in a Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing Bath




Abstract: In this study, the computational fluid dynamics method was used to study the influence of the addition of zinc aluminum ingot in a zinc pot. The simulation results show that the natural convection effect changes the flow pattern of the zinc bath around the zinc ignot side, and the cold zinc liquid flows to the bottom of the zinc pot, and a large eddy is formed behind the zinc pot; The whole temperature fluctuation of zinc pot is small, the lowest temperature is at the ingots addition position, while the temperature is higher at the inlet and outlet of the inductor; Aluminum melting from low-level aluminum zinc ingot (Zn-0.2%Al) is mainly added into the zinc pot bottom, and the aluminum solubility distribution in the V-area can be adjusted by addition of high-level aluminum zinc ingot(F ingot: Zn-10%Al). This work provides a basis for reducing the fluctuation of aluminum concentration in the zinc pot and optimizing the ingot filling process.

Authors: Jianfeng He

Keywords: Zinc pot, Numerical simulation, Zn-Al ingot, Physical field

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