The Effect of Mold Temperature on Exudation in Heated Mold Continuous Casting Cu–15%Ni–8%Sn Alloy




Abstract: An exudation layer was observed in Cu–15%Ni–8%Sn alloy prepared by heated mold continuous casting (HMCC). The effect of mold temperature on thickness of exudation layer was discussed. The results show that exudation layer mainly composed by (Cu, Ni)17Sn3. While the mold temperature increases, the thickness of exudation layer is increases. The gap is formed between the mold wall and the edge of solidified alloy in higher mold temperature. The liquid enriches Sn solute, which is caused by solute redistribution, into the gap, and freezes at the last stage of HMCC Cu–15%Ni–8%Sn process to form exudation layer.

Authors: Jihui Luo

Keywords: Cu–15%Ni–8%Sn alloy, heated mold continuous casting, exudation, microstructure

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