Improving the Wear Resistance of Coatings and Surface Treatment of Steel 50 and U8A on SHS




Abstract: Methods of obtaining chromium-coated coatings are considered and a new technology for the formation of boron, silicon and titanium protected layers on steels under conditions of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis is presented. Using the methods of mathematical modeling, when obtaining wear-resistant coatings on machine parts in conditions of selfpropagating high-temperature synthesis, optimal compositions of SHS mixtures have been developed. When tested in sliding friction conditions, the best abrasion resistance, among the coatings under consideration, are chromoaluminium-coated coatings. Their wear resistance is 4,8-5 times higher than in uncoated samples, chromoaluminosilicated and chromoalumotated in 2,1-3,5. The gas-transport method of coating with the help of SHS makes it possible to obtain steel 50 and U8A with increased physical and mechanical properties, without requiring high energy costs and time.

Authors: Borys Sereda and Dmytro Sereda

Keywords: protective coverings, wear resistance, self propagating high-temperaturesynthesis, steel

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