Getting Heat-Resistant Protective Coating under SHS Conditions on Composite Materials




Abstract: Methods of obtaining doped chromium-plated coatings and searching for optimal powder SHS-charges, which allow to form protective coatings on composite materials under conditions of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis, are considered. Under SHS conditions, it is possible to obtain coatings of different chemical composition, varying the amount and content of alloying additives. The best heat resistance among the coatings under consideration are chromoaluminosilicate coatings. Their heat resistance is 2.6-3.2 times higher than in uncoated samples. The gas transport method of coating with the help of SHS makes it possible to obtain composite materials with increased physical and mechanical properties, without requiring high energy costs and time.

Authors: Borys Sereda and Dmytro Sereda

Keywords: heat-resistance, composite material s, self-propagating high-temperature synthesis

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