Inhibition of Engineering Material in Sulphuric Acid Solution Using Waste Product




Abstract: Corrosion of engineering materials causes tremendous damage in industries. The use of inhibitors for metal corrosion control in aggressive environments is an acceptable practice. Different researches have shown that organic compounds containing S, N and O showed significant inhibition efficiency; unfortunately a good number of these compounds are scarce, toxic and expensive. In view of this, there is need for the use of cheap, readily available and safe inhibitors. In this present study, aluminium alloy corrosion inhibition by methanol extract of egg shell powder in 0.5 molar sulphuric acid solution was studied via weight loss and potentiodynamic polarization techniques. Experimental results showed that egg shell in H2SO4- aluminium alloy environment decreased the rate of corrosion at all studied concentrations. The methods used for corrosion evaluation were in good agreement and the inhibition process was explained due to compound adsorption on the aluminium alloy surface.

Authors: O. Sanni, A.P.I. Popoola, and O.S.I Fayomi

Keywords: Aluminium alloy, Corrosion Inhibition, Inhibitor, Sulphuric Acid

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