Characterizations of CrN-Based Hard Coating Materials with Addition of GaN




Abstract: Cr1-xGaxN thin films with various GaN content (as indicated by x) were prepared by pulsed laser deposition and their characterizations were carried out. Composition analysis by Rutherford back scattering spectroscopy revealed that x in the range of 0 to 0.51. X-ray diffraction patterns showed Cr1-xGaxN thins films with x ≤ 0.31 had single (Cr,Ga)N phase with B1 structure. Cr1- xGaxN thin film with x = 0.31 showed maximum hardness of 29.4 GPa.

Authors: Yusei Mizuno, Tadachika Nakayama , Hisayuki Suematsu, Tsuneo Suzuki

Keywords: Hard coating, Chromium nitride, Gallium nitride, Solid solution hardening

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