Phase Field Simulation of Dendritic Solidification of Ti-6Al-4V during Additive Manufacturing Process




Abstract: In this study, the phase field method is applied to simulate the phase transformation from liquid phase to solid phase of Ti-6Al-4V during solidification. The simulated results show the dendritic arms grow along the direction of the heat flow. Droplets are found formed inside dendrites. Solute enriches in the liquid near the dendritic tips and between dendritic arms. The effects of various processing parameters, including local temperature gradient, scan speed and cooling rate, on dendrites morphology and growth velocity are studied. The results show higher temperature gradient, scan speed and cooling rate will result in small dendritic arm spacing and higher growth velocity. The simulated dendritic morphology and arm spacing are in good agreement with experimental data and theoretical predictions.

Authors: Linmin Wu, Lingbin Meng, and Jing Zhang

Keywords: phase field; Ti-6Al-4V; temperature gradient; scan speed

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