Creep Modeling of 3D Printed Nickel Based Super Alloy




Abstract: Creep properties are critical for metals used in high temperature environment. In this work, a finite element based model is developed for modeling the creep behaviors of 3D printed nickel based super alloy Inconel 718. A user-defined creep subroutine is to be formulated to accurately capture creep mechanisms in the alloy. Additionally, a MATLAB code is also formulated to predict the strain rate of the alloy under a certain temperature. This research consists of creating a subroutine for creep environment for 3D printed metal components, to be compared with commercially wrought metal components. Creep model for a well-known nickel based super alloy Inconel 718 (IN718) used in aeronautical applications is constructed. MATLAB will be used to fit the curves formed by the data obtained by analysis using the subroutine data model, at the same time a MATLAB creep prediction implementation is being formulated to generate a plot of data points predicting strain rate of a given material under a certain temperature.

Authors: Vighnesh Shetty and Jing Zhang

Keywords: Metal 3D Printing, Constitutive Creep Strain Model, Inconel 718

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