Identification of Control Parameters for Porosity Detection in Selective Laser Melting




Abstract: The widespread application of additive manufacturing requires the development of adapted quality management tools. One approach is to measure certain process parameters and analyze the process quality based on these values. Therefore a deeper process knowledge is required. Design of Experiments can be applied to gain a comprehensive understanding of the influencing parameters and their interrelations. The research work focuses on identifying important influencing parameters in Selective Laser Melting by varying several parameters of the hatch and the contour exposure as well as the position and orientation of the samples inside the build chamber. The density and mechanical properties of the samples are evaluated and the interdependencies between the factors and the properties are analyzed. Next, the results are compared to in-situ process data, including sensor data measured during the process as well as images of the single exposed layers. This aims at identifying relevant process parameters for a process control and part quality prediction.

Authors: Andrea Huxol, Filippo Simoni, Eva Scheideler, and Franz-Josef Villmer

Keywords: Additive manufacturing, Design of experiments, Density measurement, Repeatability, Process quality

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