Formation of Identical Fine Grained Microstructures with High Impact Resistance in as Cast and as Hot Rolled Conventional Low Alloy Structural Steels




Introduction: Casting and hot deformation are currently among the main steel product manufacturing processes. The most considerable alloy steel quality problems arising from their use are as follows [1-3]: strong nonuniformities in spatial distributions of chemical elements and structure components, coarse grained microstructures and, as a consequence, bad steel product performance in as received conditions. So, a number of additional treating operations are used to improve the performance. Hot deformation or heat treatment after casting, regulated cooling or heat treatment after hot deformation are the typical ones. Nevertheless, most of the above problems, such as chemical and structural nonuniformities, not enough fine austenite grains and reduced impact resistance are still remaining very actual [4]. Purpose of the research is to show possibility of considerable refining microstructures and improving the performance of as cast and as hot rolled alloy steel products by means of proposed cooling regime.

Authors: I. Tkachenko, K. Tkachenko, and V. Miroshnichenko

Keywords:Low alloy steels, As cast and as hot deformed steel conditions, Spatial distributions, Isothermal holding at cooling, Microstructure regeneration, Impact resistance

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