Quality Assurance of the GTE Cast Blades Protective Coating




Abstract: To provide resistance against high-temperature corrosion, an additional protective coating is applied to the cast blades. The quality of the cathodes for protective coatings deposition obtained by hot isostatic pressing (HIP) of the granular alloy Micro-Melt NiCrAlY (USA) and cast cathodes SPD-2 after HIP, as well as the quality of the protective coating applied to the working blades of the GTE were researched. The coating obtained with the use of an experimental cathode contains less of the coarse fraction drip phase, which improves the roughness of the working blade surface. It was found that using of cathodes obtained by the HIP method from a granular alloy (unlike standard cast ones) ensure the uniformity of protective coating layer thickness and chemical composition (especially on the yttrium).

Authors: Pavel Zhemanyuk Vladimir Klochikhin, Valeriy Shilo, Aleksey Pedash, and Valeriy Naumyk

Keywords: working blade, protective coating, cathode, liquation, micropores, uniformity in chemical composition and thickness, granular alloy, hot isostatic pressing

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