Sensible Heat Capacity of Phenolic Resin




Introduction: The thermal response analysis of a charring ablator thermal protection system requires, among other parameters, the specific heat capacity, at constant pressure, to be known. However, data on the temperature dependence of the virgin specific heat capacity is very limited, and for the data that is available, the thermal history of the samples and the test conditions are not consistent. Available data on cured SC1008 phenolic resin from the literature includes the work carried out by Warfield and Kayser[1];Cp =1477J/kg K and that of Mottram and Taylor[2] Cp= 1200 J/kg K.

Authors: Sacha Wason, Tom Ashbee, Stephen Till, David Payne, Brendan Howlin, and Jimmy Stewart

Keywords: Heat Capacity, Phenolic, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Computational Chemistry

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