Study on Anti-Impact Performance of Closed Aluminum Foam Sandwich Panels




Abstract: Because of the important role of the aluminum foam core in the anti-impact process of aluminum foam sandwich panels, the nonlinear finite element analysis software LS—DYNA was applied to compare the dynamic process of the steel balls impact the aluminum foam plates. In this paper, how the important parameters affected on the progress of the steel ball impact the closed aluminum foam panels were studied, including the thickness of aluminum foam, the density of aluminum foam and the initial velocity of steel balls. And the mechanical properties of closed cell aluminum foam have obvious size effects, so in this paper, when the sizes of specimens were chosen, the size effects of aluminum were considered to eliminate them. The results show that the closed aluminum foam panel exerts a good effect on energy absorption and vibration reduction because of the materials’ plastic deformation. In addition, residual velocity of the steel balls would reduce, the damage of the structure would be weakened and sudden change of stress wave can be avoided. Furthermore, the peak acceleration of the steel balls would decrease when the thickness of aluminum foam core increased or the density of aluminum foam increased. Therefore, all the parameters should be considered when the effects on anti-impact performance of closed foam aluminum panels. The research results of this paper have referenced value for the design of aluminum foam sandwich panels.

Authors: Guo Qian, Yao Wenjin, Li Wenbing, Tang Jun, and Wang Xiaoming

Keywords: aluminum foam; numerical simulation; energy absorption and vibration reduction

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