Characterization of Coal Fly Ash for the Production of Coagulant for Usage in Wastewater Treatment




Abstract: In this study, the physicochemical characterization of coal fly ash sample (CFA) were investigated using a combination of complementary characterization techniques, and the findings are discussed with reference to its use in the synthesis of coagulants for wastewater treatment. The XRF results showed that the sample belongs to Class F fly ash. Quartz, mullite, and hematite were the major crystalline phases identified by the XRD, XRF, SEM/EDS, and FTIR. Surface morphology of individual CFA ash particles was characterized by SEM/EDS as spherical particles with smooth surfaces and PSD with a P80 particle diameter of 49 μm was determined.

Authors: M. Clotilde Apua and Geoffrey S. Simate

Keywords: Characterization; Coal fly ash; Coagulant

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