Understanding of Droplets Dynamics and Deposition Area in Electrospraying by Experimental and Modeling Approaches




Abstract: Electrospray ionization is a widely used technique for generating microspheres of a variety of liquids in biomedical and chemical applications. Homogeneous and dispersive droplets can be fabricated with tunable size and quantity. Hence, electrospraying is an effective method for particle deposition on substrate while the functional particles can be dissolved or suspended in the proper solvents. After the solvents evaporate, the deposited particles generally form a thin layer as surface coating. In this study, a two-dimensional numerical model is developed to study the dynamic process of droplets and predict the sprayed area. The effects of distance between tip and collector, and syringe feed rate on the size of sprayed area are studied. In addition, experiments have been conducted to validate the simulation results. Both modeling and experimental data demonstrates that the diameter of sprayed area increases with increased distance between the tip and collector as well as syringe feed rate.

Authors: Zhuoying Jiang and Xiong Yu

Keywords: Electrospraying; Coating; Droplets’ trajectories; Multiphysics modeling

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