Additive Manufacturing of Heterogeneous Bio-Resorbable Constructs for Soft Tissue Applications




Abstract: Additive manufacturing (AM) has been traditionally employed using a single process technology which limits the combination of a wide range of homogeneous and heterogeneous materials with very beneficial and complimentary characteristics. In this research, we combine the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) and Direct Ink Writing (DIW) technologies to fabricate heterogeneous structures with distinct materials having potential applications in the biomedical domain. This paper will discuss our research on developing a methodology to fabricate bio-resorbable heterogeneous constructs of poly l-lactic acid, in rigid filament form processed using FFF, and poly (glycerol sebacate fumarate) gadodiamide, UV curable polymer in fluid form processed using DIW. The developed AM process was implemented to fabricate various composite structures. Effects of control process parameters on constructs were observed and encountered challenges were addressed. The proposed manufacturing approach could be used to fabricate bio-scaffolds for soft tissue applications such as airway obstructions.

Authors: Parimal T. Patel, Prashanth Ravi, Panos S. Shiakolas, Tré R. Welch, and Tushar Saini

Keywords:3D printing, direct writing, fused filament fabrication, bioresorbable composite, tissue engineering

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