Prospect of Hydroxyapatite Powder Produced from Waste Poultry Egg-Shells for Biomedical Applications




Abstract: Till date, the synthesized calcium phosphate compounds such as hydroxyapatite (HAp) have generated a great deal of interest because of their wide array of medical applications in orthopedics, plastic and dental surgeries. With these defined uses, considerable efforts should continuously be directed towards developing artificial bone and teeth that do not cause damage in healthy tissue and made available as demanded. With every day records, where several million tons of egg-shells are generated as bio-waste across the world; therefore, for conversion of wasteto- wealth, this study examines the prospect of HAp powder, successfully prepared using calcined waste poultry egg-shells as a calcium precursor via chemical precipitation method using phosphoric acid as a phosphorous source. At optimal conditions, the pure HAp crystal produced with safe Acute and Sub-chronic toxicity tests gave Ca/P ratio of 1.66 (against conventional Ca/P ratio of 1.67) was well characterized for use in defined oral and orthopaedic treatments.

Authors: Alafara A. Baba, Adeola A. Womiloju, Fatimah A. Abubakar, Abdullah S. Ibrahim, Anoka A. Njan, Folahan A. Adekola, and Abdul G. F. Alabi

Keywords: Hydroxyapatite powder, Waste Poultry egg-shells; Toxicity tests; Ca/P ratio; Orthopaedics uses

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