The Characteristic Changes of Oxygen Free Copper Based Welding Material in High Temperature Environment Containing a Large Amount of Hydrogen




Abstract: In general, copper has high thermal conductivity and diffusivity. So, it is widely used for heat exchanger. However, copper alloy has hydrogen embrittlement in some special environment. Therefore, oxygen free copper(OFC) is recommended for the special atmosphere containing hydrogen. But, even we use this material, sometimes, it may require structural welding or joining with other material. Then, it can make easy to change the characteristic of copper. The purpose of this study is to observe the changes of mechanical properties and composition of copper base specimens in high temperature containing hydrogen. In this study, Cu(OFC)-Cu(pure copper, filler)-Cu(OFC) bonded specimens were used. And, it is analyzed that high temperature hydrogen gas in chamber can affect the characteristic of copper base specimens or not. Through the analysis of this paper, we evaluate the feasibility of using OFC in high temperature containing hydrogen.

Authors: Doryun Lee, Gyootaek Lee, Kanghyouk Choi, and Changho Moon

Keywords: Oxygen Free Copper, Welding, Hydrogen, Annealing

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