Diffusion of Cr in the Haynes 230 Alloy during Corrosion in MgCl₂-KCl Molten Salt




Abstract: The simulation model of Cr diffusing in Haynes 230 (H230) during the corrosion in MgCl2-KCl salt at different temperatures was evaluated. And the results are comparable to the experimental result from literatures. The concentration of Cr versus depth from surface of sample was calculated from EDS data. And the simulation model is derived from the reasonable initial condition and boundary condition of the alloy by using the partial differential equations. In addition, the diffusion model can be used for the other alloys containing Cr corrosion in the MgCl2-KCl at different temperatures.

Authors: Yuxiang Peng and Ramana G. Reddy

Keywords: Haynes 230 alloy, MgCl2-KCl, Corrosion, Diffusion

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