Investigation of the Mechanical Behavior of Ionic Diblock Copolymer via Molecular Dynamics Simulation




Abstract: Ionic polymer-metal composites (IPMC) have received large interest with applications in biomimetic actuators [5, 9]. The purpose of our work is to understand the mechanical behavior in nanostructured ionomers and also to clarify some essential hypothesis in the ‘cluster model’ established by Nassar and Li [1] to explain the response mechanism of IPMC. Via a coarse-grained molecular dynamics approach, we obtained lamellar, cylindrical and spherical phases of an ionic diblock copolymer. The mechanical properties of ionic block copolymers of these different morphologies have been investigated. Especially, the tensile deformation of different phases of copolymers are simulated below the glass transition temperature, and the influence of morphology and loading direction have been observed.

Authors: Mengze Ma and Yao Fu

Keywords: Ionic block copolymer, Molecular Dynamics, Mechanical Behavior

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