LBPF Processed Nickel-Iron Soft-Magnetic Alloy: Influence of Heat Treatments on Density, Microstructure and Magnetic Properties




Abstract: Soft-magnetic materials play a key-role in electronics and electrically actuated devices. Nonetheless, such Laser powder bed fusion (LBPF) manufactured materials have been rarely investigated with regards to processing conditions, appropriate heat treatments, microstructure and the resulting magnetic properties so far. This study discusses the microstructure of a Ni50Fe50 blend by the means of optical and electron microscopic methods (EBSD), and discusses the effects of different heat treatments. The resulting magnetic properties are discussed. The results show that post LBPF heat treatments of soft-magnetic materials are necessary not only to tune the magnetic properties, but also to improve the material density and homogeneity of the resulting microstructure.

Authors: T. Bauer, A.B. Spierings, and K. Wegener

Keywords:Laser powder bed fusion, Additive Manufacturing, Soft-magnetic material, nickeliron, magnetic properties, selective laser melting

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