A Revamped Classification of Composite Materials




Abstract: The current literature shows that there is a lively trend in the development and applications of materials classed as composites, either of metallic, ceramic or polymeric matrices. The marked tendency is influenced in part, by the advent of nanoscience and nanotechnology and by the attempts to use environmentally-friendly processes and materials, namely, by the sustainability approach. As a result, a countless number of terms and classes of composites are mentioned or introduced into the related literature, such as hybrid composites, green composites, in situ composites, etc. This fact suggests the urgent need for an update in the classification of composites and a definition or redefinition of each of the classes of composites currently reported. In this contribution, authors review the current classification of composites and put forward a new classification based on the current trends and a category derived from the process type, material class, nature or synthetic origin, etc.

Authors: M.I. Pech-Canul, S. Valdez, M.C. Acosta-Enríquez, H.M. Hdz-García, E.B. Acosta-Enríquez, and J.C. Flores-García

Keywords: Composites classifications; Functional applications; Green composites; Hybrid composites

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