Hybrid Aluminum Matrix Composites (HAMCs) Using Powder Metallurgy Method




Abstract: Aluminum Matrix Composites (AMCs) are reinforced with ceramic particles or whiskers. Aluminum oxide (Al2O3), silicon carbide (SiC), boron carbide (B4C), titanium carbide (TiC), silicon carbide whisker (SiCW), and aluminum oxide short fiber are the most common particulate/whisker reinforcements used in AMCs. Although the advantages of these reinforcements are increased hardness, strength, and wear resistance but this occurs at the expense of fracture toughness and ductility. However, these two properties are also very important for materials under stress and shock load to preventing failures. Introducing two or more reinforcements may help mitigate these issues. Keeping these issues in mind, in the current project hybrid aluminum matrix composites (HAMCs) have been fabricated using powder metallurgy methods. The reinforcements used were alumina (Al2O3) particles and chopped carbon (c)-fibers. The initial results on mechanical and materials properties have been reported.

Authors: A.H.M.E. Rahman, Issam Abu-Mahfouz, and N.S. MD Imran Zakir

Keywords: Carbon Fiber, Al Matrix Composites, Powder Metallurgy, Hybrid Composites

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