Rolling Behaviour of Aluminum Alloy 2014-10Wt% SiCp Metal Matrix Composites




Abstract: Hot deformation behaviour of 10wt% SiCp reinforced 2014 Al alloy cast composite is studied by hot rolling process at varying rolling speed 3-7m/min at a temperature of 400 oC. During rolling operation, the material is deformed with strain rates of 2-3 s-1. It is observed that the hardness of the Al-SiCp composite material decreases with increasing rolling passes. This happens mainly due to softening of the material. Fracturing of SiCp particles are observed after 65-73% deformations and the dynamic recrystallization and superplasticity are seen under high deformation. The SiCp particles in the Al MMCs flow along with the grains and Al phase is always around the SiCp particles. This is possible only when the material gets softer at higher temperature i.e. at 400 oC. A detailed microstructural examination indicates that different deformation mechanisms such as dynamic recrystallization, void formation, flow localization, and superplasticity are present.

Authors: Ajay Kumar P., Gajendra Dixit, Aruna Patel, and S. Das

Keywords: Metal matrix composite, Mechanical properties, Ceramic particles, Deformation

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