A Combined Approach to Provide a Guaranteed Combination of Steel Quality Characteristics




Introduction: Practically all modern metallic materials have to meet a combination of several customers` requirements, the levels and number of which are continuously increased [1, 2]. The issues arising under the conditions are now solved by designing new multi-element alloys, composite materials, development of new multi-parameter industrial technologies [2, 3]. In turn, the situation inevitably results in appearance of some specific fundamental phenomena and processes in the alloys, such as: uncontrolled and often not well theoretically studied yet interactions of numerous alloy and impurity elements with each other and structure defects; synergetic effects of the interactions; inhomogeneous distribution of alloy and impurity elements among structure components; inhomogeneous spatial distribution of microstructure components; uncontrolled interactions of the chemical and microstructural inhomogenuities with service environments. Besides, some typical features of modern industrial manufacturing can also contribute: limited or unknown quantitative data on separate and combined effects of the manufacturing parameters on the alloy product quality and reliability; practical unreality of comprehensive laboratory modeling the industrial manufacturing parameter effects on the performance; difficulties in conducting relevant industrial experiments etc. One of the important consequences of the aforementioned current conditions of material science and the industry is high probability of the unpredictable alloy performance loss, known as “embrittlement”, that results in low reliability of the most modern metallic alloys despite their high performance potentials.

Authors: I. Tkachenko, K. Tkachenko , and V. Miroshnichenko

Keywords: Multi-element structural steels, Multi-parameter manufacturing environment, Data mining techniques, Monte-Carlo experiments, Multi-purpose optimization of industrial technologies

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