Quality Assessment and Suggestion of Standard Revision for High Strength Rebars in China




Introduction: Reinforcing bars, as the biggest steel products in China, take about one-fourth of the total crude steel production. Recently, the production and consumption of hot-rolled rebars in China increased dramatically as fast development of the national building industry. As shown in Figure 1, the total annual rebar production had been over 200 million tons since the year of 2013[1]. Following up the increase in rebar production, there was a big change in China rebar product structure in recent years. It can be seen from Figure1 that the percentage of China high strength rebars with yeild strength over 400 MPa had been more than 80% since 2014.

Authors: Yang Caifu, Chen Xuehui, and Wang Ruizhen

Keywords: high strength hot-rolled reinforcing rebars, tempcore, V microalloying, tempering matensite, GB1499.2-2007

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