Selective Laser Melting of Ti6Al4V with High Build Rates and Following Hot Isostatic Pressing




Abstract: By employing additive manufacturing (AM), the fabrication of complex components with approximately similar mechanical properties as their conventionally-processed counterparts is feasible. An established powder-based additive manufacturing technology is selective laser melting (SLM), which enables the creation of filigree parts accompanied by an unrivalled design freedom. With regard to the SLM processing of Ti6Al4V, a common post-processing procedure is hot isostatic pressing (HIP), which is used in order to achieve a desired relative density of approximately 99.99 %. This work is targeting the modification of SLM process-parameters, i.e., laser scan speed, hatch distance, laser power, to increase the SLM build rate. Therefore, a methodical development of experimental design and a systematic evaluation of the effects is derived. Additionally, a relative density threshold is identified, which, in combination with HIP treatment, leads to successful fusion in SLM parts at increased build rates. Applying these combinations, the processing times can be decreased by up to a factor of 2.3. Finally, the mechanical properties obtained by the SLMprocessed Ti6Al4V parts at different SLM-processing and HIP conditions will be elucidated.

Authors: D. Ahlers, P. Koppa, F. Hengsbach, M. Burns, M. Peters, P. Gloetter, S. Hermann, A. Altmann, M. Schaper, and T. Tröster

Keywords: Additive Manufacturing, Selective Laser Melting, Ti6Al4V, Performance Parameter, High Speed Parameter, Hot Isostatic Pressing, Density, Porosity, Mechanical Properties

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