Effects of Alloying on Hot Deformation Behavior of Nb Microalloyed Steels




Abstract: As new complex steel compositions for automotive applications and new forming technologies emerge the hot working and forming of microalloyed steels continue to be challenging. Based on the laboratory simulations, the effects of individual and combined additions of Al and Ti + B on deformation resistance at low strain rates and dynamic softening of Nb microalloyed steels are evaluated. The major dynamic softening mechanism under studied conditions is dynamic recrystallization (DRX). In the presence of Nb the additions of Ti + B retard DRX of austenite recrystallization. In contrast, Al facilitates recrystallization of austenite thus reducing strengthening effects of alloying. These data can be employed in process setup of hot working.

Authors: Evgueni I. Poliak, Olga A. Girina, and Steven G. Jansto

Keywords: Nb microalloyed steels, hot deformation, dynamic recrystallization

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