The Use of Nanoindentation for Low Carbon Steel Wire Characterization




Abstract: Steel is a material that, depending of the chemical composition and subsequent processes, can show an extraordinary complexity in terms of microstructure. This complexity in terms of microstructure makes the steel a very versatile material, but at the same time, understand mechanical properties at a microstructural scale requires nontraditional techniques. The nanoidentation is a technique that can measure hardness in a nanoscale order (10-9m); this allows reaching specific microconstituents who cannot be analyzed using conventional hardness tests. For this work, different heats of a commercial low carbon steel wire were used. The different phases present on the samples were identified and characterized using the nanoidentation technique together with X-ray Energy Dispersion, Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopy. Force-displacement curves for the microconstituents present in our material were obtained as result of this study.

Authors: A.I. Gallegos-Pérez, O. Vázquez-Gómez, H.J. Vergara-Hernández, B. Campillo-Illanes, J.M. Salgado-López, and A.R. Arenas-Serrano

Keywords: Nanoindentation, Nanohardness, Low carbon steel

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