Effect of the Powder Fusion Vector on the Properties of Samples, Manufactured by Additive Technology




Abstract: The influence of the titanium powder fusion vector on the properties of samples prepared using the additive technology of Electron Beam Melting (EBM) was studied. It has been established that the mechanical properties of samples produced by the additive EBM technology on strength correspond to the norms for the analog deformed and cast VT6L alloys. The plasticity characteristics and the impact strength of the fused material exceed the corresponding norms by 1.5…2 times. It is established that the mechanical properties of samples obtained by EBM technology from Ti6AL4V powder with different fusion vectors have uniform values. The anisotropy of strength and plastic properties has not been established by tests. The impact strength values were significantly higher for samples fused in the Z-axis direction. The EBM technology can be used to manufacture billets from titanium alloys in the aircraft engine industry.

Authors: Pavel Zhemanyuk1, Vladimir Klochikhin1, Valeriy Naumyk, and Nicolay Rud

Keywords: additive technologies, titanium powders, fusion vector, mechanical properties, anisotropy, cast alloy, deformed alloy

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