Pusher Furnace Ingot Chair Failure Analysis




Abstract: Ingot chairs are used to load aluminium rolling ingots into homogenizing pusher furnace. The rolling ingots are placed on the chairs and pushed through a rail installed on the furnace floor. As pushing goes on by a mechanism through the length of the furnace, the aluminium ingots on the chairs are soaked at average temperature of 590 deg. Celsius for at least 3 hours before being extracted from another end of the furnace. It was observed that the frequency of ingot chairs failures has increased resulting in furnace shutdown for repairs. When failures occur, the engineer must determine which of these below that contributed to it: Improper Design, Materials Selection, Materials processing, Operational abuse. This is the core of this study which resulted in technical assistance to ingot chairs suppliers in terms of processing and standardization of quality requirement.

Authors: Ifeanyichukwu Nweke

Keywords: Analyse, Stop, Failures

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