Simulation of Dendrite Formation during Unstable Solidification using a Second Order Level Set Method




Introduction: The level set method has been used for modeling phase transformations by several groups and has been reviewed in [1]. Level set being a signed distance function offers advantages when computing interface orientation and curvature [2, 3]. However, modeling dynamic interfaces using this approach poses certain difficulties. Upon advection, level set ceases to remain a distance function and interface curvature computations tend to accumulate errors. Periodic reinitialization becomes necessary. Loss of mass conservation as a result of reinitialization has remained a known problem with level set method. The objective of this work is to formulate an accurate interface anchoring method that ensures location and orientation of the interface are retained to high order of accuracy. Following this, a high order fast sweeping method [4] is utilized to reinitialize the function away from the anchored interface.

Authors: Vimal Ramanuj and Ramanan Sankaran

Keywords: Level set method, solidification, dendrite growth

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