Numerical Simulation and Experimental Investigation on Impulse Friction Stir Welding of 6082-T6 Aluminum Alloy




Abstract: The series of impulse friction stir welding (IFSW) experiments for aluminum alloy 6082-T6 butt joints was performed to obtain micrographs, tensile and hardness test samples and to receive the validation data for a numerical model of the process. Impulse force and frequency were varied to determine the effect of individual process parameters on microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of the welded butt joints. A three-dimensional model was established to simulate temperature distribution, heat generation and contact state between the tool and the workpiece during IFSW. Based on the numerical simulation, the influence of the impulses on heat input, maximum weld temperatures and contact state was found. The combination of impulse force and frequency effected the grain refinement. The influence of impulses on the elongation and hardness of the welded joints during IFSW were determined.

Authors: Iurii Golubev, Iuliia Morozova, Anton Naumov, Cord Hantelmann, Nikolay Doynov, and Vesselin Michailov

Keywords: Friction Stir Welding, Impulse Friction Stir Welding, Aluminum Alloy, Simulation

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