Granulation of FeSi Alloy by Rotary Multi-Nozzles Cup Atomizer




Abstract: FeSi alloy, one of the most important raw materials in the iron and steel industry, is mainly used as deoxidizer and alloying agents in steelmaking process and used as pregnant agents and additives in cast irons process. Nowadays, ferroalloy is generally produced by mold casting-crushing process and GRANSHOT granulation process, which have the disadvantage of high disintegration degree and water consumption respectively. This paper described the hot experiments carried out with FeSi75 (the silicon content is about 75%) alloy in a rotary multi-nozzles cup atomizer and the molten alloy was transformed into granules. The effect of rotating speed and nozzle diameter on the particle properties were further investigated, and it was found that the optimum operation condition is 100 revolutions per minute (rpm) with the nozzle diameter of 15 mm.

Authors: Wenchao He, Xuewei Lv, Xueqin Li, and Jie Qiu

Keywords: FeSi Alloy, Granulation, Rotary Multi-Nozzles Cup Atomizer

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